Conditions for Participation

What dates should I bear in mind?
The applications process to participate in the next festival will take place from December 6, 2014 -  February 9, 2015. Decisions about which projects can be included in the festival programme will be announced after March 13, 2015. From that point on, contributions to the festival are required to meet editorial deadline for information for the online programme as well as obtaining all permits you need. The final editorial deadline will be April 25, 2015. All deadlines for applications as well as editorial deadlines must be adhered to.

Who can apply?
Applications to participate in the festival are accepted from institutions, project spaces, groups of artists and individuals.
Applications may come from those with an idea for an event that meets all the festival's criteria listed below. Each individual application will be checked thoroughly by the 48 Stunden Neukölln organisational team.
What criteria are there for participation?
All project ideas / events MUST deal with the annual theme.
Applications are welcome for ideas that have not yet been realised in the form proposed to 48 Stunden Neukölln.
Each artist may present his or her project at ONLY ONE VENUE during the festival.
All venues must take place in the area where the festival takes place (northern Neukölln, within the S-Bahn ring).

Participating as an associated venue or event
An exception to the rule of dealing with the annual theme is made for open studios and galleries as well as guided tours comprise a special category in the festival programme.
Open studios and galleries will only be listed with their address and opening times.
On the online version of the programme, there's space for a short text (max.140 characters)

May I charge an entrance fee?
All events in the festival should, as much as is possible, be open to the public without  charge to enable a broad spectrum of visitors access to cultural activities.
Should an event charge an admission fee, all appropriate permission from the relevant authorities must be obtained by the organisers of the event before the festival.

Are there restrictions on events in the public spaces?

  • Yes. Open air stages and road closures for the festival are not permitted.
  • Playing amplified music in public spaces is only permitted until 7pm.

How do I find a venue?

  • Participating venues can only be registered by the main individual responsible  (tenant listed in lease, owner, tradespeople).
  • Artists are responsible for finding a venue for their project. Should they require assistance, the festival team will help as much as possible.
  • No costs should be incurred by artists for their participation in the festival, i.e. they should not have to pay for a venue. Other costs imposed by the venue (except for a share of the rent and utilities for the weekend) are not be permitted.

Reasons for exclusion:

  • Events with a clearly commercial programme or clear party political or missionary religious content will be excluded from participation in the festival.
  • Events (such as concerts, performances) that commence before the festival begins or continue for longer than the festival cannot be included in the festival programme.
  • Non-compliance with the compulsory opening times and other agreed terms will result in exclusion from the festival, both this year and for future editions of the festival.