The worldwide unique young art festival of 48 Stunden Neukölln, JUNGE KUNST NK takes place for the third time as a festival in the festival in 2016. It dedicates itself with the title “Schlaraffenland” (Land of milk and honey, Land of Cockaigne) to dreams, longings and fantasies of children and teenagers in relation to their world.

“Schlaraffenland” is a daydream. Imagine, what if….. What happens if everything that you want is easy and uncomplicated and in front of our noses. Imagine if smartphones grew on Christmas trees, sneakers on shrubs and game consoles grew on cliffs or next to a chocolate waterfall, a fast food buffet and an ice glacier entices a fountain of youth that promises eternal childhood. It would be paradise 2.0. It would be enticement for an easy life.

But what does it mean to receive everything we want and where we want it? What happens to us when we do not want to grow up? What do we expect from life if we have everything we want?

JUNGE KUNST NK shows the artistic repertoire of children and teenagers in a variety of events in Neukölln and has many different offers, i.e. exhibitions, music and programmes join-in activities for families and young festival visitors.

JUNGE KUNST NK is funded by the District Office Neukölln, Department of Juvenile Services.