For the journalists of neukö this area is more than Weserstraße and Reuterkiez, and more than Rütlischule and parallel society. They do not want to join in the chorus of the anti-gentrification-movement, but understand Neukölln not as a new Mecca of the party scene. Neukölln is a city with over 650 years of living history and more than 100 different nationalities who share a district. And the team of neukö is also a part of Neukölln: A bunch of media professionals who live and work here.

With they want to revive the tradition of local journalism by contemporary means. With sound, image and text, they note what makes life interesting here: Small and big stories, between everyday life and nightlife, culture, picked up from the street.

Coming from different regions, this group has found it's home in Neukölln.