Art discipline: 
Shaping clouds is a pop-up space in Berlin.
It combines the works and visions of 4 artists-friends working with different media.

Shaping Clouds is an imaginative project, ever-changing and flowing and just like clouds it will eventually mutate, vanish.

Our exhibitions program pops-up in the end of March and runs until the end of June 2016.

An art-packed showroom will always be open for visitors on appointment or during our scheduled weekly opening hours, hosting presentations and events.

Shaping Clouds are:

Simone Ambu is a working-artist based in Berlin. The inspiration for his works comes out from his personal life, fairy tales, advertisements, music and stupid things.

Maria Silvano. Photographer and curious, lives and works in Berlin where she is pursing her research, focused on urban and visual anthropology and on the relation between humans and their environments.

Jurij MindMe, drawings and collages explore the interaction between seeming contraries: geometrical and organic, rational and spiritual, static and dynamic.

Cosimo Miorelli combines illustration, live-painting, animation, comics and painting to pursue his research on storytelling. He's currently absorbed by several performative projects with musicians and actors but is always on a hunt for new stories.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
30.03.2016 Shaping Clouds Opening
Collective exhibition with: Simone Ambu, Maria Silvano, Cosimo Miorelli, Jurij Nesterov.