Art discipline: 
His way of expression is drawing, an instrument that can communicate nuances that words cannot always explain. He creates in this way a personal language code made by crossing lines and colored surfaces.
For him beauty has a fundamental role in our society: ugly cities lead to violent behaviors.
Art, as major task, has to guide humans toward a deep knowledge of themselves, through the observation of the world, in order to generate inner transformations which lead to self-consciousness.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
exhibitions |
November 2014-January 2015 participated in the exhibition IMAGINARIUM - Pinocchio Biennale 2014, Burning Water and Temporary Artshop at Museum Luzzati, Genoa, with the work: the passion Mag 13, the betrayal, Mar 13.
|October 2014 solo exhibition Daniele Roccaro Solo Show, at The Ballery Gallery, Berlin.
|September 2014-October 2014 participated in the exhibition Pop-Up Art Gallery at Berlin Avantgarde, at The Ballery Gallery, Berlin, with work: love lesson April 13.
|September 2014 participated in the exhibition Liberatevi Art Exhibition, at Fiera di Bologna , with the work: the Passion, the hunter Giraffe, the massacre, the bullfighting.
|August 2014 participated in the exhibition Muurbrekers-Wallbreakers, on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, at Fischer Insel, Berlin, with the work: Banners or barriers?, Noah's Ark, East Jerusalem.
| July 2014 participated in the collective exhibition Pop-up goes Animal!, at Pop-up Gallery, Berlin, with work: Love is impossible, Apr 14.
| July 2014 solo exhibition Love yourself, Neukölln, Berlin.
| June 2014 participated in the exhibition Italian Week Exhibition at Pop-up Gallery, Berlin, with the works: Still Life, Apr 14, Coltan Mag 14.